Koan Analytics’ High Dimensional Challenge hopes to select and assist an important complex Canadian public policy/program challenge through the utilization of our lead-edge analytic solutions.

We are looking for a public sector challenge that genuinely cannot be solved with conventional government analytical and computational capabilities – and could lead to significant public benefit.

Challenge Criteria can include:
● Be a compelling public policy challenge,
● Span multiple Ministries/Departments/Agencies and/or delivery agents,
● Be multi-causational with regional/community variation,
● Involve large/diverse data sets with no integrated data architecture,
● Substantially benefit from advanced data modeling, analytics, computational resources and visualization,
● Demonstrated passion to learn and advance data informed public policy/operational excellence,
● Does not infringe privacy legislation – involves public data sets or appropriately anonymized data.

If your government has a challenge that might meet some of the criteria above – then we would like to hear from you.

Access to this type of analytics is largely unknown and unavailable to most governments. At present, the order and scale of analysis being conducted by Koan Analytics and its partners are generally only available to the largest private sector multinationals.

Koan Analytics strongly believes we have an obligation to enhance Canadians’ quality of life and to improve the quality of our physical environment for future generations. As a corporation we take our social responsibilities seriously.

Given the social responsibility benefits associated with this Challenge, Koan Analytics is prepared to develop the successful initiative at substantial below cost. We will work with the select jurisdiction to refine the scope and cost of the initiative post-selection.

Knowledge transfer is a key objective of this initiative, so collaboration with the selected government’s internal resources will be a key selection criterion as well as a willingness to share finds with other Canadian jurisdictions.

Please submit your potential project to Koan Analytics’ High Dimensional Challenge using the form below. Koan Analytics, along with our partners, will select one government policy or program challenge which will then have full access to our collective platforms and capabilities.