Resource Aggregation, Analytics, & Visualization (RAAV)

RAAV Screenshot

Koan Analytics’ expertise is machine learning, applied mathematics, state of the art computer graphics and computer systems – we are not geologists or exploration/mining sector experts. Instead, we have deliberately used a collaborative approach to the development of RAAV. We’ve listened carefully to the challenges and opportunities from industry experts; and then, brought our unique capabilities and skill sets to these business problems.  We have also worked hard to understand the processes and workflows of exploration and the mining sector to ensure our solutions enhance, rather than compete, with existing systems and processes.


The result – a bespoke ensemble of tools and equations focused exclusively on resource exploration. Our RAAV platform is focused on only a few, yet complex, things:

  • aggregating and curating mining related data;
  • applying semantic “predictive” analytics to support expert decision-making;
  • providing intuitive graphics tools for the visualization of geo-spatially integrated data; and then,
  • integrating this information and insights into existing GIS platforms, workflows and processes.  

Most profoundly – our RAAV platform keeps learning. The machine learning that underpins the entire platform has been architected to continuously learn.


Our “ensemble of tools and equations” can perhaps more accurately be described as parallel complementary methods of attacking the same problem more-or-less independently, and contributing partial answers, or best guesses to the outcome.  With every new document deconstructed, with every document organized into an exploration specific data structure and with every expert validation of our predictions – the system becomes more and more refined. With every activity and interaction – RAAV keeps learning adding new insights and decision value every day.

Combined, this ensemble of capabilities is unlocking a new exploration paradigm. We are the only machine learning, predictive analytics company exclusively focused on delivering tools for resource exploration.  We have developed a bespoke machine learning solution architected for one clear purpose – aiding the decision-making associated with exploration and mining activity.