The Koan Analytics Team

The founders draw on their deep experience in the areas of applied mathematics, computer generated imagery, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and database engineering to improve the relationship between machines and human beings.

Bryn Wyka

Bryn has 20+ years’ experience as a programmer, project manager, and Managing Director. He has worked and managed projects ranging from satellite launches, AAA video game franchises to truly leading edge design programs. Starting with his time at Electronic Arts where he managed an R&D team focused on building and executing Machine Learning solutions into production including the latest Koan platform. He is an accomplished manager of complex issues working collaboratively with senior and junior developers. He has the expertise to create and execute long-term vision. Bryn brings a strong technical knowledge of current industry trends and process developments, adept at understanding customer requirements and progressing business value.

Caleb Howard

Caleb is a Mathematician, Software Engineer, and technology advocate, who has made a career improving productivity by collaboratively applying contemporary research to established workflows. After 15 years in digital Hollywood, developing the techniques which are a staple for blockbuster films today, Caleb moved to real-time interactive platforms – finding time-saving
methods to save typically 95% of labour costs. Today, Caleb is bringing 30+ years of experience to bear at Koan – applying the tools of AI/ML to finding those same efficiency gains for industry and the public sector.

Mike Biddlecombe

As a veteran software engineer building on a 30 year career that took him from intern programmer to technical director, Mike draws on his deep experience developing, debugging, and maintaining cutting edge video game technology.
Every top team needs a pit crew, at Koan Mike provides systems support programming for our products while remaining engaged with the latest advances in hardware and software. This role is well suited to his keen interest in high performance data pipelines running in desktop, mobile, and web environments.

Jay Reynolds
Jay Reynolds

With decades of multidisciplinary experience, Jay designs robust, scalable analysis and classification processes, all variety of applied machine learning methods, workflow acceleration tools, and state of the art, high dimensional data visualization techniques. Jay particularly enjoys the analysis and modelling of physical phenomena, with many years of experience in modelling light transport, spectral reflectance, & prediction of nonlinear dynamical systems.

Adam Martinez

Adam cut his teeth building pipelines for CGI and commercial animation studios in advertising and television. Since then he has served as a creative and technical supervisor for several high profile projects, including the Academy Award winning Open Shading Language, and the LucasFilm MaterialX specification. Recently, Adam has been applying his knowledge of large scale data processing to the development of data engineering pipelines and machine learning systems in the industrial, healthcare, and entertainment spaces.

Rob Wood
Rob Wood

With over 20 years of senior executive experience leading large complex organizations in a variety of industries. Rob brings considerable commercial, business development and industry partnership experience. Rob has led several sector and business transformations and set up dozens of business partnerships that leverage technology, research and specialized knowledge and expertise. Rob brings his creativity and customer orientation to all of his endeavours.

Stephanie Walmsley

Stephanie is an exploration geologist and geochemist. She has worked with Newmont for the past few years based primarily out of Australia. Within Australia she has experience working on greenfield and brownfield exploration programs in many geological terranes. Stephanie has a strong background in geochemistry working on various Newmont projects worldwide. In particular, she has spent a great deal of time designing and implementing geochemical projects related to mineral chemistry using techniques such as LIBS, LA-ICP-MS and p-XRFs. Stephanie will bring her geological expertise to assist in guiding the development of data model training as well as support the development of the geologists user experience and analytic interface.

Ted Eiles

Ted’s diverse experience spans consulting at DuPont, AIG, USAA, American Express, U.S. West, Verizon, Nortel, NCR, IBM, Atlanta Olympic Committee, U.S. departments of Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services and startups in K-12, direct-marketing, design, healthcare, and software development.  An early practitioner of Smalltalk, object databases, Xtreme programming, handwriting recognition, and mobile computing, Ted brings his entrepreneurial full-stack chops to Koan’s data modeling and feature-engineering pipeline.

Steve Randall

Steve brings 25+ years of experience in technology and software, related to the different aspects of Geoscience. Starting with BP and the introduction of workstations for seismic interpretation and mapping, to the use of cloud services and machine learning for mineral exploration, his career has spanned a number of commodity and technology cycles. Steve has extensive experience creating and deploying software for exploration, earth modelling & engineering workflows and helping geoscience organizations, adapt and change as new technologies come to the fore.

Ray Halebian

As an alumnus of animation studios, film post-production studios, game studios and academic research (Disney Animation, Electronic Arts, Sony Pictures, Georgia Tech GVU/GTRI), Ray brings his previous experience in computer graphics, animation, scientific visualization and virtual reality research to bear at Koan in the area of data visualization. His activities extend across the intersections of images and meaning: communicating compelling ideas through imagery and using imagery to reveal information and powerful messages within data.