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Koan Analytics & BCG Engineering teamed up to win the Barrick Gold Unearthed competition in Toronto, Ontario this past weekend. Unearthed Toronto is a 54 hour open innovation hackathon event featuring real data and challenges from Barrick Gold. Top developers, engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and startups selected one of two challenges and came together to build and present prototype solutions to innovation leaders from Barrick Gold.

Koan Designs wins Unearthed Toronto 2017

Koan’s winning entry was the Aggregated Intelligence Mining System (AIMS), which helps mining analysts to pin-point and de-risk investments. AIMS is a suite of automated tools which collects, organizes, and analyzes press releases from mineral exploration and mining companies, newspaper articles, government reports and surveys, and academic research in an unstructured repository. Natural language processing filters summarize this information so analysts are presented with relevant information to assess risks and opportunities. Machine learning algorithms integrate spatial and mining data to recognize patterns, and visualization enhances human judgment to inform business decisions. Unlike the current process, which requires significant effort to collect and organize data, AIMS allows mining analysts to make faster and better actionable decisions.

Congratulations to the Koan Analytics/BCG team!