About Koan Analytics

The old adage:
“‘we are an overnight
success, thirty years in the making”
certainly applies to us. Our Founders all
grew up in the early days of the digital
age, and our careers have been widely
influenced by the rapid revolution of
digital technology.

Our Founders


Chief Mathematician


Chief Data Scientist


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Information Officer

Though our experience and expertise is slightly different, we share the same common thread related to the impact computers and the digital age have had in transforming traditional businesses and generating whole new sectors. We are helping to spawn new fields of business and technology, fueled by these profound changes.

In 2017, we decided to combine our talents, particularly related to machine learning, applied mathematics and graphic visualization into a new company called Koan Analytics. We knew there was a need for the types of machine learning and predictive analytics we know how to develop. In our first 12 months, we developed a number of solutions across a variety of industries—from flood prediction/monitoring systems to a diabetes management system.

In early 2018, we won the unearthed hack-athon sponsored by Barrick Gold. The result—we entered into a commercial agreement with Barrick to develop a more refined production level platform.

Since signing on with Barrick, Koan has been incredibly fortunate to work with both Newmont and Newcrest in building out and completing the development of our analytics platform. Until that point, no Company had developed an end-to-end analytic solution for resource exploration. While we still have new areas of development to build related to resource exploration, we are also looking to take the foundations of our platform and expand out into ESG, near mine, remote sensing as well as broader government and natural resources analytics.