Koan Analytics has one, clear purpose: Help resource companies understand their data and convert their information into decision-making value.

Data Aggregation

Utilize fully-integrated solutions to collect information from multiple sources and organize them into a logical, resource sector specific data structure.

Predictive Analytics

Use Koan Analytics’ proprietary data analysis techniques to save time, reveal hidden opportunities, and de-risk your investments.

Data Visualization

Employ state of the art virtual reality, augmented reality, and real-time technology to turn your data into actionable insights.

Unlocking A New Exploration Paradigm

Exploration used to be the start of the mining cycle. Today, it begins with sophisticated data analysis using machine learning.

Resource Aggregation, Analytics, & Visualization

Koan Analytics leverages machine learning, applied mathematics, and state of the art computer graphics to improve decision-making.

The Koan Analytics Team

Transforming traditional businesses with technology. An overnight success, thirty years in the making!

Koan Analytics' proprietary data analysis techniques save time, reveal hidden opportunities, and de-risk investments.