Human Computer

Interaction (HCI)

Koan’s team members each have 25—30 years of advanced computer graphics and HCI experience. With seven Patents, six academy award nominations and an Oscar, we are experts at bring mathematics to life through visual representation. Some of the animation that you see in today’s movies has roots in development our team has undertaken over the years.

Sample of Films

Sample of Video Games

Visualization is a critical aspect of any analytic development. Koan has significant expertise at taking very high-dimensional data, selecting or building analytic tools to represent and support the interpretation of the analysis that might not otherwise be apparent to domain experts without Koan’s analytic tools.
Koan’s developers have significant experience working in the important field of HCI. HCI is first about the user experience. HCI studies how a user engages, explores, and makes sense of data and analyses through the interface. Koan’s platform has been designed with an intuitive interface that requires minimal instruction to jump in and start navigating the platform and engage its tools.

HCI also pertains to the user experience of the feature integration in the platform. When one component of the interface changes, all associated aspects of the interface change as well— from map views, to document lists, and detail views, etc. Koan has spent years of development time ensuring that our pipeline features don’t just work, but that they work in an intuitive and seamless way for our users.

The majority of analytics is about refinement and improvement to models. As our clients are exploring their data, and learning from our analytics – our platforms are continually refined. As expert users interact with the platform, the platform is continually improving. By design the platform is also Project-based whereby Groups of users can easily be added to a project based on their user credentials. As individual team members contribute and document their results in the platform – this new knowledge is made available to all, making a strong feedback loop.

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