Our Partnership Approach

Our Partnership Approach

Koan brings several lifetimes worth of world-class experience in all aspects of analytic systems development, including data engineering, machine learning-based analytics, software development and computer graphics/HCI design.  We have built analytic solutions for customers that we know are unique in the marketplace.

We learned a long time ago; however, that we can offer better solutions to customers through partnership.There are two principle forms of geospatial analytics: natural language based analytics and pattern recognition based analytics. Koan’s team are experts at natural language based geospatial analytics. Descartes Labs are global experts providing remote sensing-based pattern recognition solutions.

Emerging from the U.S. Federal Government’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, Descartes Labs was established to bring their decades of remote sensing data and analytics to corporate and government customers. Together, our two types of analytics enable the vast majority of geospatial analysis.

Koan has developed a relationship with Descartes Labs. Under this relationship, Koan Descartes Labs technology will be integrated together to offer to our customers. This combined capability will enable a step change level of analytic capabilities for both companies, and enable a seamless analytic experience for our customers. Working together, we offer complete analytic solutions to our customers.

Koan also has a partnership agreement with The MSA Group. The MSA Groups are resource sector subject matter experts with decades of experience across virtually every facet of exploration geology. The relationship with The MSA Group allows Koan to focus on software development and data science, while The MSA Group applies their expertise to rigorously testing and validating our resource models. MSA are Koan’s domain expert collaborators. As Geo-consultants, The MSA Group is also to strategically advise Koan on core data sets, features, and the geologic characteristic to consider as we build new models for various commodities and deposit types.

As data scientists, we want to ensure a high degree of confidence in our customer’s end results. We want to stick to our core expertise and to partner with others, who ultimately make us, our technology, and our analytics better.

With over 30 years of experience across public and private sector IT environments, Koan utilizes its vast network of subject matter experts as required, including:

• Global experts in identity and access management

• Global leaders in Freedom of Information and Privacy

• Process redesign

• Experts in IT training design and execution

Our network also extends to policy and program experts across virtually every public policy domain from environment and natural resources through to justice, education and social services.