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Artful Intelligence

We design high dimensional enterprise scale analytics platforms

Our platforms empower our clients to understand and interpret their data better, integrate it with public and third party data sources and then convert this integrated information into actionable decisions.

Koan Analytics

There had to be a better way, so we built it

Large global enterprises have spent billions of dollars collecting critical information and trying to harness the power of their structured and unstructured data.They have tried creating in-house solutions or have deployed generic analytic systems, only to find weak insights,low value output or abject failure. 

At Koan Analytics, we are experts in data science and operate in the deep end of the ‘machine learning’ pool. We love doing the fun stuff like graphic visualizations and human computer interaction. With 7 patents, an academy award and six more academy award nominations – we are nothing short of world-class at the intersection of machine learning and visual interpretation. 

What we really love doing though is the really hard and difficult development – data transformation, data architecture, data classification, data pipeline, selecting, building and training machine learning models, and developing algorithms.  It’s these unique skills and our proprietary IP that has enterprise customers looking to us as their analytics platform partner.  

We combined our deep expertise, strong skill sets, proprietary IP, business model, with input from industry experts from the Resource and the Public sector to create our geo spatial, high dimensional platforms. These are not generic, “one size fits all” platforms, but highly specialized tools built specifically for the Resource and Public sector. Our approach is to go narrow and deep – not shallow and wide.

Our Solutions

End to End Platforms for Advanced Analytics

Solutions for Resource Sector

Our Resource sector focussed platform, RAAV is the only commercially available exploration analytics platform globally. It is a data analysis platform built on machine learning and predictive analytics designed to deliver tools for resource exploration.  RAAV is highly trained to understand exploration geology and exploration data sets. RAAV then allows a user to perform all the complex functions of the analysis without ever needing to know or manipulate the underlying code.  

Solutions for Government

Koan Analytics has made a deliberate decision to bring deep model training and platform development expertise to the government. With three decades of experience in senior government IM/IT and executive roles in government, we have a deep understanding of the power of a true analytics platform. Without highly trained models and an integrated data analytics platform, governments will never be able make significant progress on their most intractable problems or seize emerging opportunities.  With a world-class team of CIO’s, Deputy Ministers and expert partners – our existing platform is already built to enable geo-spatial, unified analytics across all aspects of the government: economic development, social services, health, justice, education, natural resources, etc. . We have built a team with deep expertise in data privacy, identity and access management, security, data standards, data architecture, public policy and service delivery into our already world-class advanced analytics solution.

Our Approach

Making data analytics more than 0’s and 1’s

Human Insights

Visual Interface

High Dimensional Analytics

Model Training

Data Analytics

Platform Foundations

Data Transformation

Platform Pipelines

Data Architecture


Machine Learning and AI Solutions that actually work – not just buzzwords

We do the hard work so that you focus on what matters most – getting the most out of your data

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