Our Open Development Approach

Beyond our strategic partnerships, there is a diverse and growing set of new analytic techniques and methods emerging virtually every week. A future-focused analytic solution should not be a closed environment, whereby customers are forced to utilize only the in-app analytic tools which have already been developed.

Rather, Koan’s technology approach is designed to provide customers with the flexibility to customize their Koan instance in a manner that suits their strategic objectives. Whether building their own custom features or aggregating and collating their proprietary data sets, our programmable interface enables customers to build their own path.

In addition, it is a Koan tenet that customers should be given the flexibility to integrate third-party analytic tools from other vendors—directly into their Koan technology instance. Whether our customers do their own future integration, or Koan does it for them, we are committed, first and foremost, to building customers a solution that suits their long-term needs.


An Analytics Platform should be a catalyst for customer’s analytic aspirations—not ours.