Analytics At The Deep
End Of The Pool
A New Form of Analytic Infrastructure
that Lets You Take on the Tough Stuff
Our customers bring us the strategic, the complex, and the tough
analytic problems that are going to produce critical insights and
tangible results.

Strategic insight that will see you succeed for decades to come.
We Design High Dimensional Enterprise
Scale Analytic Solutions
Artful Intelligence Our technology empowers our clients to understand and interpret
their data better, integrate it with public and third-party data sources,
and then convert this integrated information into actionable decisions.
A Complete End-To-End
Analytics Solution
A New Form Of Analytic Infrastructure  Koan has developed a complete end-to-end analytics solution because much
of the big data analytics required by our customers requires a systems level approach.  

Security, encryption, federated identity, scalable, non-destructive, operationally
transparent, and reproducable

Koan turns both simple and complex problems into discernible information, knowledge,
and action by pulling all the pieces together in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) inside our
customer’s secure IT environments.  
Partnership And Collaboration
A Foundational Approach
Advanced Analytics Is a Team Sport Every day new models, analytic tools, data transformation & infrastructure code are being developed—it would be impossible for any one company to deliver the very best across all aspects of a comprehensive analytics approach without collaboration and partnership. We work on the absolute leading-edge—we know its true. 

The end result—we know we cannot be the only company with useful analytic methods.  Its why our systems-level approach allows customers to integrate other tools into their Koan technology instance. 
Discovering N-Dimensional
Correlations & Associations
Requires A End-to-End Solution An sophisticated analytics approach enables the embedding and classification
of named entities from unstructured text and tables. Koan's approach also
enables the integration of all forms of measurement data as well as an unlimited number
of engineered features. 

The end result—Koan’s technology is discovering previously unknown correlations
and associations across complex fields on enquiry.

This is only possible with an end-to-end analytic solution.
From an Unstructured
to a Structured World
Unlocking Hidden Sources Of Knowledge The majority of historical information (pre-2015) has been unstructured. 

Koan can unlock key information lost in reports, spreadsheets, maps and
many other formats.  

Koan can geolocate, machine learn, extract, and persistently embed
information for analytic applications. 

Data transformation—just one more piece to the puzzle that Koan has
largely solved for our customers.

Experts In

Data Science

Koan’s team are experts in data science and operate in the deep end of the ‘machine learning’ pool. We are serious about formulating

the right methods and models to match the objectives – not simply using the existing tools at our disposal. We are serious about data provenance, traceability, training, testing and fit. We know customers are relying on our results.

Complex and
Challenging Development

Koan are experts at complex and challenging development— data transformation, data architecture, data classification, data pipelines, selecting, building and training machine learning models, and developing algorithms. Our unique skills and our proprietary IP have enterprise customers looking to us as their preferred analytics platform partner.

Geospatial, high dimensional Solutions

We combined our deep expertise, proprietary IP, and business model, along with input from industry experts to create our geospatial, high dimensional platforms. These are not generic, “one size fits all” systems, but highly specialized tools built specifically for each sector and customer. Our approach is to go narrow and deep—not shallow and wide.

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